SoulAdvisor - Practitioner Competition Rules
This competition is being run by SoulAdvisor Pty Limited (ACN 631 566 393) (“SoulAdvisor”, “we” or “our”). By entering into and participating in this competition, you (“you” or “your”) confirm you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. 
  1. The competition starts from 9:00am (Sydney time) on 22 April 2020 and closes at midnight on 31 August 2020.  All entries submitted become the property of SoulAdvisor or you grant a sole and exclusive licence to SoulAdvisor to use and reproduce your entry in the course of carrying out our business.

  2. By entering into the competition you are providing consent for us to retain your details to be used for future marketing purposes in line with Australian Privacy laws. We may use your details to send you information, marketing and promotional content, inform you about the goods and services provided by SoulAdvisor or other affiliated organisations, inform you about events and other competitions and we may share your details with third parties that help us deliver these services in connection with our business.  You can read SoulAdvisor’s privacy policy here:

  3. The competition and these terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.  These terms can be varied at SoulAdvisor’s absolute and sole discretion at any time.  SoulAdvisor also reserves the right to change the dates or withdraw the competition at any time if it deems necessary. All disputes will be handled and determined at the sole discretion of SoulAdvisor whose decision will be final.

  4. To be eligible to win the prize you need to be a qualified, Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) practitioner, have registered your complete and accurate details and have accepted our terms and conditions as outlined on the SoulAdvisor platform and have been approved by the SoulAdvisor team based on their vetting criteria. A notification email will be sent to confirm your profile has been approved. If you do not receive notification of approval, please contact us directly at

  5. SoulAdvisor’s vetting criteria will requires that approved practitioners hold current insurances, appropriate qualifications (via a registered training organisation), have a registered business number (or “ABN”), meet a 100 point check including a valid passport/drivers licence, and if a regulated therapy that you are currently registered with no history of deregistration. By submitting your details and entering into the competition, you also confirm and warrant that you have not been convicted or charged with any criminal offences and that you hold current and valid membership to appropriate associations. More details on the vetting process can be found at

  6. To be eligible you must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident and currently residing in Australia and be eighteen years of age or older.

  7. There is a limit to one entry via the designated form with a final decision based on skill and knowledge. The competition is not a game of chance. Entries which are completed or aided by computer algorithms will not be accepted.  The decision on the winner will be made via a panel of judges against a set criteria that will demonstrate relevance, positive business outcomes and an intent to grow your online presence. Subject to compliance with these terms, the prize winner will be rewarded A$2,500 (GST inclusive) or payment of approved goods and/or services up to the value of A$2,500 (GST inclusive).  The prize must only be used in relation to increasing your online presence for your T&CM business and building a virtual T&CM practice.  The prize it not intended to be used for your own non-business personal use. This amount will be allocated as a reimbursement to expenses incurred by you that have been pre-approved by SoulAdvisor and subject to receipt of appropriate tax invoices and receipts. Alternatively, the winner can notify SoulAdvisor of the proposed goods and services that the winner wishes to purchase in relation to growing its T&CM online business/virtual practice and SoulAdvisor may arrange payment, on behalf of the winner.  For example, this may include payment by SoulAdvisor, on behalf of the winner, for web designers, videographers, etc that relate to growing the winner’s T& CM online business/virtual practice. Further details of how the payment of the prize will be made will be forwarded to the winner after notification of winning the prize.  In no event, will SoulAdvisor be liable for any amount in excess of A$2,500 (GST inclusive).  Where an expense of the winner exceeds A$2,500 (GST inclusive) the winner is responsible for the excess.  SoulAdvisor assumes no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person including any loss or liability connected to the supply or delivery of any goods or services purchased or funded with the prize money.

  8. All invoices for expenses incurred by the winner relating to growing the winner’s online presence for his/her T&CM business and building a virtual T&CM practice will need to include the following minimum details before payment will be approved and payment made: the date of the service provided, description of the service provided, ABN and name of the business that provided the service.

  9. SoulAdvisor will only make payments to Australian bank accounts and the recipient of the payment must have an ABN.  SoulAdvisor will not make payments to any overseas or international bank accounts.  If reimbursement is sought by the winner, then an Australian bank account in the registered business name or individual practitioner name will be required. Once the bank transfer has been completed, and written notification provided by the winning recipient that the money has been received, the winner’s bank account details will not be retained by SoulAdvisor.

  10. As a requirement to receiving the prize, the winner must provide an article on how winning the prize has supported their business.  Any submission provided as part of the competition including the winner’s article must be your own independent and original work and not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party. The winner’s article will be written using the SoulAdvisor editorial guidelines and in doing so, the winner provides consent for the article to be used (including disclosing the winner’s name and details of the winner T&CM business) in future correspondence and promotional activity. SoulAdvisor will be entitled to format, edit and correct any errors in the article as reasonably required to meet any SoulAdvisor’s guidelines, policies and procedures.

  11. Personal details provided on your entry form such as name, email address and business type will be retained and will be included in the SoulAdvisor database for future contact and marketing purposes, as described above.

  12. Once a decision on the winner has been made by SoulAdvisor, the winner will be notified through phone. If the winner cannot be reached by phone within three (3) days (or such longer period as SoulAdvisor determines at its absolute and sole discretion), then he/she will forfeit the prize and SoulAdvisor reserves the right to allocate the prize to another entrant (which will also be selected against the same criteria applied, as detailed above).  SoulAdvisor also reserves the right to contact the winner by email.

  13. The prize is inclusive of any GST, if applicable. Where the practitioner is registered for GST, it will be their responsibility to pay for this component in their normal accounting cycle.

  14. Once a winner is confirmed, we will notify all other entrants through an email and post it via our social media platform of Facebook.  The winner consents to be named as the winner of the competition by SoulAdvisor via its website and social media platforms including disclosing the name of his/her T&CM practice.

  15. The SoulAdvisor name and logo is an Australian registered trade mark of SoulAdvisor and remains its sole property.  Nothing in these terms authorises any person to use the SoulAdvisor name or logo or any other intellectual property rights of SoulAdvisor.

  16. To the full extent permitted by law, SoulAdvisor excludes all representations, warranties or terms (whether express or implied) other than those expressly set out in these terms. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any advice, representation or warranty given or made by SoulAdvisor in connection with entering the competition that is not expressly stated in these terms.

  17. These terms are to be read subject to any legislation that prohibits or restricts the exclusion, restriction or modification of any implied warranties, conditions or obligations including the guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law that cannot be excluded. If such legislation applies, to the extent possible and to the extent allowed by the relevant legislation, SoulAdvisor limits its liability to the amount of the price stated above.

  18. To the extent permitted by law, all loss suffered or incurred directly or indirectly in connection with the competition or any provision of services by SoulAdvisor is excluded. You indemnify and hold SoulAdvisor harmless in respect of any and all loss (including as a result of a claim by a third party) arising directly or indirectly out of any breach by you of the terms or any wilful, unlawful or negligent act or omission by you.
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